Updated May 23, 2003: If you have previously downloaded the 2.41 or 2.42 nForce kits and have experienced any problems please follow these instructions on how to re-install previous drivers.

To download the 2.03 nForce drivers follow this link.

According to information being presented to Warp2Search, the IDE miniport driver 3.40 (Full) has fixed various issues. However we also received a number of reports that stated that the driver in question was causing blue-screens in Windows XP in ntfs.sys and that it caused problems with proper recognition of original software CD's. This recognition problem resulted in a failure verifying the disk as an original.

Please do not take this assumption of why the 2.42 package was released for golden. It is just that, an assumption.

Update: Nvidia completely removed the nForce IDE driver in the 2.42 kit.