Fixed in those new Display Drivers:
  • The display corruption noticed around the wheels in the game FI Racing Championship is now resolved
  • The health meter not being drawn in the game Bounty Hunter is now resolved
  • Texture corruption in the game Combat Flight Simulator 3 is now resolved
  • The binocular view not displaying properly in the game Project IGI2 is now resolved
  • Objects flickering in and out of view when playing Deadly Demo is now resolved
  • The display corruption noticed in Battlecruiser Millennium when placing the mouse cursor over the menu buttons is now resolved
  • The ground color not displaying correctly when playing the Jurassic Park demo is now resolved
  • The display corruption noticed when playing Heli Heroes is now resolved
  • The texture disappearing in the game AirStrike3D is now resolved
  • The General Protection Fault error appearing when playing Unreal 2; The Awakening is now resolved
  • The system not responding with playing the game SimCity 4 is now resolved
  • The system not responding when task switching between an OpenGL game and the desktop is now resolved
  • Full Screen Anti-Aliasing not being available when playing Anarchy Online is now resolved
  • The system failing to respond after pressing the ESC key when playing Half-life Counter Strike is now resolved
  • The display corruption noticed when running the CodeCreatures benchmark in a system containing a RADEON™ 9200 is now resolved
  • The display corruption issue when using the send to DV camera feature found in MovieMaker2 is now resolved
  • Playing *.rm files using the RealPlayer with Overlay Theater Mode enabled no longer results in screen corruption being displayed on a secondary CRT
  • TV performance being slow and choppy when running an application in the background is now resolved
  • The display corruption noticed when playing a DVD in TV Theater mode on a secondary display is now resolved
  • The ATI D3D/OpenGL tab not retaining the correct format when a secondary CRT is connected is now resolved
  • The display panel's icons disappearing when using an FPD and TV is now resolved
  • The system not responding after previewing the 3D Liquid Desktop screensaver is now resolved
  • The overlay pixel duplication noticed when the display resolution is set above 1600x1200 is now resolved
  • The resolution changing to 640x480 32bpp when checking the optimized format for 480i in the YpbPR settings page is now resolved
  • The display corruption noticed when a system returns from hibernate mode is now resolved
  • The blue box border noticed around cached URL addresses is now resolved
  • The system not responding when hot plugging a DFP monitor is now resolved
  • A TV connection being falsely detected when booting the system is now resolved
  • Only half of the image being displayed on an HDTV when outputting from the VGA connector is now resolved

NOTE: Ensure that you have logged onto the system with Administrative rights if you are using Windows 2000/XP.

Please read all Release Notes as they may contain additional details/notes specific to the version driver/software you are installing.
  1. Create a central location for all your downloads
  2. Right-Click your DESKTOP and select "NEW" and then "FOLDER"
  3. Name the folder "Hercules Downloads"
  4. Click on the hyperlink (i.e. Display Driver)
  5. A "File Download" dialogue box will appear
  6. Select the "SAVE" button
  7. A "Save As" window should appear
  8. Browse to the folder you created
  9. Select the "SAVE" button
Please make sure to uninstall your previous drivers before launching this update.
For that, go in Windows Control Panel, enter in "Add/Remove Programs". Then uninstall "ATI/Hercules Control Panel" first. Don't reboot when prompted. Then uninstall "ATI Display Drivers" or "3D Prophet RADEON Series" and reboot when prompted.


  1. Display Driver (v7.88)
    • Launch file 3DPRS_2KXP_788.exe (6.86 MB) for Windows XP or Windows 2000 and reboot when prompted.
    • Launch file 3DPRS_9X_788.exe (7.60 MB) for Windows 98 or Windows Me and reboot when prompted.
  2. ATI Control Panel (v6.14.10.5006)