VIA Hyperion drivers are suitable for any VIA chipset and all Microsoft Windows Operating Systems (Win95/98/98SE users, see **Note below). If you are looking for VIA 4in1 drivers, these are the drivers you are looking for. The "Hyperion" name was added to the 4in1 driver set name in December 2002. Users with hybrid chipsets (with a VIA southbridge and AMD northbridge for example) should obtain drivers from their motherboard manufacturer.

It is not necessary to update VIA Hyperion 4in1 drivers if your system is stable.

It is recommended that you back up all essential data on your system before installing any major driver, software or utility from any software or hardware vendor. If you use WinXP, make a restore point just before you install any type of software, as a matter of normal procedure. This advice applies to installing any new hardware to a system as well.

**Note: Win95/98/98SE are now relatively old operating systems, and drivers are no longer optimized for those operating systems. Many users of VIA chipsets who run Win95/98/98SE report that using an older version, such as VIA 4in1 version 4.35, they experience a more responsive system.