1.Fix M0 stepping P4EE CPU cannot boot bug.
2.Fine tune CPU temperature.
3.Add TM2 Control item.
4.Fix Win98 bootable CD issue.
5.Fix TV card issue(The system cannot detect it).
6.Set winbond I/O LDN:A reg:E0 bit7=0 at bootblock to fix some mainboard cannot power-on issue.
7.Support Smart Fan.
8.Fix When setting "PATA only" in BIOS setting, the system will hang up after saving BIOS
9.Add Support EIST function.
10.BIOS Spec. Update : NB version 1.5 and SB version 1.9.
11.Add New Micro Code CPUID=DF43
12.Fix memory report error in DMI
13.Added New Micro Code CPUID=DF41.
14.Fix sometimes the system hang D1h.