The indie sensation Minecraft has now sold more than 10 million copies according to a recent tweet from Mojang customer support manager Marc Watson. It's worth pointing out that this milestone only includes copies for the PC, Mac and Linux which makes it the seventh best-selling PC game of all time.

Factor in the version that's available for Xbox 360 as well as the Android and iOS editions and that figure is much higher. We know this because the developer of the Xbox 360 version said late last month that more than six million copies had been sold and back in January, developer Jens Bergensten believed the total across all platforms was around 20 million units.

What's more, Bergensten promised to reveal a "subtle" hint when the game reached 10 million copies sold with regards to one of the new features coming in the next patch. Click here to check out the hint or if you really want to know... it's a horse.

Mojang released update 1.5 known as Redstone less than a month ago. In total, that update included some 120 changes to the game such as a light sensor to activate objects based on the time of day, pressure plates and even a new texture pack to improve the overall look of the blocky world.

Late last year Mojang released a movie on The Pirate Bay that chronicled the story of the small startup. It's an interesting film that's worth checking out in the event you missed it last time.