Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Friday announced a trio of new options for the company's flagship electric car, one of which includes a new "ludicrous" speed mode that makes the already fast Model S even quicker.

Musk said Tesla is now offering a 90 kilowatt-hour battery (kWh) pack option for the Model S. Compared to the existing 85kWh pack, the new 90kWh option provides about 15 miles of additional range and costs an extra $3,000. The option can be retrofitted into existing Model S cars although Musk advised against it unless owners are maxing out their range on a regular basis.

Musk revealed that the 70kWh version of the Model S is now available in a single motor configuration that shaves $5,000 off the asking price.

Perhaps the most interesting news of the day, however, is a new performance option that Tesla calls Ludicrous Mode. The upgrade involves installing an advanced smart fuse for the battery which allowed them to safely increase the max amp throughout from 1300 to 1500 amps. To translate - that means a lot more power.

The upgrade boosts the horsepower output of the Model S P85D from an already insane 691 to 762 horsepower. The extra power brings the 0-60 time down to just 2.8 seconds (10 percent faster than before) and is good for a quarter mile time of 10.9 seconds. The car can also reach 155 mph 20 percent faster, Musk said.

The new option won't be limited to the Model S, either. Apparently Tesla plans to bring it to the upcoming Model X SUV which will turn in a 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds which again, is insanely quick.

Be prepared to pay an extra $10,000 for the added speed.

Image courtesy Johannes Eisele, Getty Images