In a nutshell: Adaptations of video games to live action films or television shows are rarely good. Of course, that has not stopped studios from trying. We only learned of the new Netflix Resident Evil property earlier this year, but it seems that the series might be further along than we thought.

Netflix inadvertently uploaded a brief summary of its upcoming Resident Evil television series to its Media Center webpage last Friday. The entry appeared with several other productions but was quickly taken down. A copy was archived on the Wayback Machine.

The synopsis did not reveal a whole lot of details about the show, but it was a bit more than we already know, which is basically nothing. The main takeaways are that the series is set 26 years after the T-virus was discovered. Most of the action will take place in a town called Clearfield, Maryland. Other locations include Washington DC, the Umbrella Corporation, and Greenwood Asylum.

As we have previously reported, the series is being handled by Constantin Film, the maker of the six movie adaptations of the video game franchise. Critics have panned most of the films, yet they grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide at the box office.

The series does not have a launch date, but generally, Netflix posts these summaries when films and shows are close to airing. The fact it took the notice down indicates the first season is not quite ready to go. Although, it must be near enough that someone made the mistake of including it on the list.

It would not be surprising if a trailer or some other announcement for the show turned up soon. It would also not be surprising to see Netflix shoot for a holiday 2020 launch. It's hit adaptation of The Witcher premiered December 20 and has been one of the company's most successful productions.