In context: When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X console design, many looked at it and started to point out the similarities between the game system and a fridge. Xbox picked up on the joke and even offered a full-sized fridge to Snoop Dogg, followed by a giveaway of another one to a Twitter user.

Microsoft promised last April that if it won against Skittles and became the #BestOfTweets Brand Bracket champion, it would put Xbox mini fridges into production later this year, and that's exactly what happened.

During the Xbox + Bethesda E3 conference, Microsoft announced the Xbox mini fridge, the world's most powerful mini fridge. Designed to look effectively as an Xbox Series X console, the Xbox mini fridge will even feature the "Xbox Velocity Cooling architecture," a reference to the actual Xbox Velocity architecture.

Looking at the cans stashed inside the fridge, the Xbox mini fridge looks slightly bigger than the Xbox Series X console, but we can only be sure of it once Microsoft tells us more about it, hopefully soon. When opening the mini fridge's door, you'll see an all-Xbox green interior with three shelves in the main body and another on the door.

The Xbox mini fridge will be released during this year's holiday season, but pricing hasn't been disclosed yet. Whether it will be available for a limited time, used as a promotional item only, or as a traditional product offering is also unclear.