In a nutshell: Bill Gates has an impressive CV: co-founder and, at various times, chairman, chief executive officer, president, and chief software architect of Microsoft; the sixth wealthiest person in the world; author; and renowned philanthropist. But what people really want to know is which phone he uses as his daily driver. That question has now been answered, and it seems Gates is a fan of foldables, though not ones from his former company.

Gates revealed his love for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 in a Reddit AMA last year, saying that it was both a great portable PC and phone. If you're wondering why he didn't opt for a Microsoft Surface Duo 2, it's probably because it isn't very good and not a proper foldable as the device uses two separate panels connected by a hinge.

Gates took part in another Reddit AMA yesterday, where he was asked if he's using a new phone as a regular daily driver. He is: a Galaxy Z Fold 4. With a personal fortune of $111 billion, the phone's near $2,000 price tag is unlikely to be a concern for Gates, but it sounds as if he never even paid for the handset as Samsung Chairman JY Lee gave it to him when they met in South Korea.

The billionaire confirmed he's still a fan of Microsoft products by mentioning that he uses Outlook and other software from the Redmond firm on his Z Fold 4. Gates also highlighted the enormous unfolded screen size as a reason not to use a tablet, just the phone and his "portable" Windows PC.

Another part of the question asked if Gates could confirm rumors that the next Microsoft Duo would ditch the dual screens and go for a Fold-style foldable screen. But while Microsoft does involve its former boss in some research and product plans, he is not up to date on its hardware roadmap.

Like Gates, we love pretty much everything about the Galaxy Z Fold 4, one of the few exceptions being its price, awarding it a score of 85 in our review.