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James Webb Telescope finds carbon source on Jovian moon Europa

JWST provided "observational evidence" regarding carbon presence in Europa's underground ocean
Why it matters: Carbon is one of the primary building blocks of life as we know it. Therefore, the detection of carbon signs on celestial bodies other than Earth is always a significant discovery. Thanks to JWST's powerful instruments, scientists now have evidence that carbon should be abundant on one of the most promising targets for extraterrestrial life research.
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Riddle me this: What is the deep-space question mark astronomers found in this Webb NIRCam photo?

In context: Since its launch a little over a year and a half ago, the James Webb Space Telescope has given astronomers, scientists, and the public unprecedented views of the distant universe. As NASA's largest and most powerful telescope, JWTS can scan further than we have ever seen, sparking brand-new discoveries. But what is Batman's Riddler doing out there?