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Formula 1 chief retires "impossible to navigate" Excel spreadsheet used to manage car parts

WTF?! When James Vowles took over as team principal for the Williams F1 crew in early 2023, he knew they lagged behind the competition in several key areas. Pat Fry joined the team later that year as chief technical officer, and the two quickly determined that Williams' use of Microsoft Excel to manage its car build workbook was a problem.
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Hobbyist builds fully functioning 16-bit CPU in Microsoft Excel

Turns out, Excel is a lot more interesting than we ever imagined
In a nutshell: In an impressive display of creativity and technical finesse, a hobbyist has managed to build a fully functioning 16-bit CPU entirely within Microsoft Excel. The project provides a unique hands-on way to explore low-level computing concepts and highlights Excel's flexibility beyond boring spreadsheets, letting anyone download and tinker with a miniature computer architecture.