Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech

You know, tech, that you can wear.

In spite of CEO's opinion, Huawei Watch 2 coming to the US April 17

The Huawei Watch 2 comes in sport and classic variants, both powered by the latest Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, packing 768MB of RAM, 4 GB of local storage, and a load of sensors for various applications, including NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, and a heart rate monitor. And while the real usefulness of smartwatches is debatable, there is at the very least a niche market for them. The Watch 2 is getting mixed reactions: props for getting all the latest tech but design is bland compared to its predecessor.

Full rollout of Android Wear 2.0 delayed by bug

Google appears to be having more issues with Android Wear 2.0. The updated smartwatch operating system was originally expected to release at the end of 2016 but was delayed until this year. Following the official launch last month, Google has…

Fitbit unveils new Alta HR activity tracker

Fitbit has announced an update to last year’s Alta fitness-tracking wearable that adds heart rate sensors into the mix. The Alta HR will be available in April, starting at $150, and essentially brings the functionality of the Fitbit Charge 2…

Rethinking wearable computing

Bring up the topic of wearables these days, and you’re likely to see rolled eyes, shrugged shoulders, and a general sense of “whatever.” The problem, of course, is that wearables were badly overhyped and haven’t even come close to living…

Snap starts selling Spectacles online for $130

Snap has announced its Spectacle sunglasses are now available for purchase online. Previously, the video capturing wearables were only sold through vending machines, available for about a day at a time in iconic locations throughout the U.S., as more of…
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