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Startup Programs with 'p'

Startup Name Process Name Status
PCMMRealtime pcmm.exe Up to You
PCMService PCMService.exe Up to You
PCPerf pcperf.exe Up to You
PCPOptimize PCPOptimize.exe Up to You
PCPrivacyTool GDC.exe Not Necessary
PCprot crcss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
pcqmqgn.exe pcqmqgn.exe Unknown
PCRecSA PCRecSA.exe Up to You
pcServer server.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PCShield regsvr32 /s [path] sfg_****.dll [* = random char] Dangerous. Remove.
PCStart Pcm25.exe Not Necessary
PCSuiteTrayApplication TrayApplication.exe Not Necessary
PCSuiteTrayApplication LaunchApplication.exe Not Necessary
Pcsv pcsvc.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PcSync PcSync.exe Not Necessary
PcSync PcSync.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PcSync PcSync2.exe Not Necessary
PCTAVApp PCTAV.exe May be Necessary
PcThrust PcThrust.exe Up to You
pctspk pctspk.exe Up to You
PCTVOICE pctvoice.exe Up to You
PCWatch pcwatch.exe Up to You
PDA Commander stisvc32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PdaNet Desktop PdaNetPC.exe Up to You
PDASCAN pdascan.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PDEngine PDEngine.exe Up to You
pdexplo PDEXPLO.EXE Not Necessary
PDF Converter Registry Controller RegistryController.exe Unknown
pdfFactory Dispatcher v1 fppdis1a.exe Up to You
pdfFactory Dispatcher v2 fppdis2a.exe Up to You
pdfFactory Pro Dispatcher v1 fppdis1.exe Up to You
pdfFactory Pro Dispatcher v3 fppdis3a.exe Up to You
pdfSaver3 pdfSaver3.exe Not Necessary
PDirect PDirect.exe Not Necessary
pdp Server ctpdpsrvr.exe Up to You
PDService.exe pdservice.exe Up to You
PDVDServ PDVDServ.exe Up to You
Pe2ckfnt SE chkfont.exe Not Necessary
PECarlin PECarlin.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Peeramid PService.exe Unknown
PeerGuardian PeerGuardian_1.99b_pr14.exe Not Necessary
PeerGuardian pg2.exe Up to You
Pent@VALUE 3.2 Pent@VALUE.exe Up to You
PeqBL100 PEQBL100.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PER Email Protection pavmail.exe May be Necessary
PerfectPrint pfppop70.exe Not Necessary
PerfFont (Performance True Type Font) perfont.exe Dangerous. Remove.
perfmon perfmon.vbs Up to You
Perfomance Monitor davcsync.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Perfomance Settings svchost.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Performance MyHeart.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Performs peer to peer connection WinPTTP.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PersFw PersFw.exe May be Necessary
Persistence igfxpers.exe Not Necessary
Personal Computer scvhost.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Personal Firwall ptmedsrv.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Personal Security Center Monitor isc_ui.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Pervasive.SQL Workgroup Engine W3dbsmgr.exe Up to You
Pest-Capture PestCapture.exe Not Necessary
PestPatrol Control Center PPControl.exe Up to You
PestPatrolCL PestPatrolCL.exe Unknown
PestTrap PestTrap.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Petit Larousse 2001 HIPL2000Popup.exe Up to You
Pex Sound Driver Today's Results.vbs Dangerous. Remove.
pex Sound driver 2 Today's Results.vbs Dangerous. Remove.
PFW_CfgEngine PFWCFG~1.EXE Unknown
PFW_PullSrv PULL.EXE Unknown
PgMonitr PgMonitr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PGPSDKSVC pgpsdkserv.exe May be Necessary
PGPSERVICE pgpservice.exe Up to You
PGPtray pgptray.exe Not Necessary
PGStub.exe [various filenames] Dangerous. Remove.
pgtaff pgtaff.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PhiBtn PhiBtn.exe May be Necessary
PhilipsDM DeviceManager.exe Not Necessary
PhilipsLime LimeAlive.exe Unknown
Phime2002a TINTSETP.EXE Not Necessary
PHIME2002ASync TINTSETP.EXE Not Necessary
PHIME2OO2ASyst [path to trojan] Dangerous. Remove.
PhoneFree version 6.2 PHONEF??.EXE Up to You
Photo Express Calendar Checker SE CALCHECK.EXE Not Necessary
Photo Loader supervisory Plauto.exe Not Necessary
Photoshop svchost.exe Dangerous. Remove.
PhotoShow Deluxe Media Manager mssysmgr.exe Not Necessary
PhotoWise QuickLink quicklnk.exe Not Necessary
PIC SYSTEM picx.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Picaboo PicabooMain.exe Not Necessary
Picasa Media Detector PicasaMediaDetector.exe Not Necessary
PicasaNet Hello.exe Not Necessary
Pickatag pickatag.exe Not Necessary
PicoZip PicoZipTray.exe Up to You
picsvr picsvr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Picture Package VCD Maker Residence.exe Up to You
pictureBUZZTray swtray.exe Not Necessary
Pidgin pidgin.exe Up to You
piiserviceOE N/A Up to You
pilif pilif.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Pinger pinger.exe Not Necessary

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