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Startup Programs with 't'

Startup Name Process Name Status
The Intranet intranet.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TheMainStart N/A Unknown
TheMonitor [path to trojan] Dangerous. Remove.
THGuard TH_Guard.exe Up to You
THGuard THGuard.exe Up to You
Think-Adz [random filename].exe Dangerous. Remove.
This is a virus, please delete it bigbadvirus.exe Dangerous. Remove.
THOTKEY THotkey.exe Up to You
ThpSrv thpsrv.exe May be Necessary
Threaded intcp32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
ThrustTSR TMTMTSR.exe Up to You
Thumbs Plus *.* thmbplus**.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TI WLAN TIWLANCu.exe Up to You
tibs3 tibs3.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tibs5 tibs5.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Ticket API Monitor tktmon.exe Unknown
Tiger Shine.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TiKL tikl.exe Up to You
TileFree Dangerous. Remove.
Time Manager TimeManager.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Time Zone Synchronization wscript zshell.js Dangerous. Remove.
TimeCalendar tc.exe Up to You
Timed Backups Manager Startup BACKTIME.EXE Not Necessary
TimeLeft TimeLeft.exe Up to You
Timemanager.exe Timemanager.exe Up to You
TimeOnline TIMEONLINE.EXE Not Necessary
TIMER TIMER.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
Timer comm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Timer timed.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TimeService trun.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TimeSink Add Client TSADBOT.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
timessquare timessquare.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TimeSyncApp TimeSynchronize.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TimeUp Timeup.exe Not Necessary
Timezone TimeZone.exe Up to You
TIMHost TIMHost.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TimounterMonitor TimounterMonitor.exe Up to You
Tiny AV fooding.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tiny Personal Firewall persfw.exe May be Necessary
tinySpell tinyspell.exe Up to You
TiomanExe Tioman.Exe Up to You
Tips mousetips.exe Not Necessary
TiTleBarClock TiTleBarClock.exe Up to You
TitleTime TiTime.exe Up to You
Tivoli LCFEP.EXE Not Necessary
TivoNotify TiVoNotify.exe Unknown
TivoServer TiVoServer.exe Up to You
TivoTransfer TivoTransfer.exe Up to You
tiwi tiwi Dangerous. Remove.
TIxDSL tidslmon.exe Up to You
TizzleTalk TizzleTalk.exe Not Necessary
tjstartup [path to file] Dangerous. Remove.
TK8 EasyNote EasyNote.exe Not Necessary
TkBell.Exe evntsvc.exe Not Necessary
TkBell.Exe realsched.exe Not Necessary
TkBell.Exe tkbell.exe Not Necessary
TkBellExe evntsvc.exe Not Necessary
TkBellExe realsched.exe Not Necessary
TkBellExe tkbell.exe Not Necessary
TkNetDriver Monitor lexbce.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tkonnect TKONNECT.EXE Not Necessary
tlc update911.js Dangerous. Remove.
TlcR avp.exe Unknown
tlntsvr tlntsvr.exe Up to You
TLogonPath tb2logon.exe Up to You
tlz 47681727.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TM Outbreak Agent TMOAgent.exe Up to You
TMA distribution cfinst.exe Up to You
tmax pupdate.exe Dangerous. Remove.
tmchook tmchook.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TMERzCtl TMERzCtl.EXE Unknown
TMESBS TMESBS21.exe Up to You
TMExLogon TMESRV.EXE Up to You
Tmmkb Tmmkysvr.exe Unknown
TmNetDriver Monitor exbce.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tmntsrv32 Tmntsrv32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TMOUSE tmouse.exe Up to You
tmproxy tmproxy.exe May be Necessary
tmp_up sample.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TMTMTSR TMTMTST.exe Not Necessary
TnPopUp billbrz.exe Up to You
TNTClk TNTCLK.exe Up to You
ToADiMon.exe ToADiMon.exe Up to You
Toggler toggler.exe Up to You
Tok-Cirrhatus IDTemplate.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tok-Cirrhatus smss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tok-Cirrhatus [path to file] Dangerous. Remove.
Tok-Cirrhatus-1959 br4941on.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tok-Cirrhatus-1959sarc sv711224030r.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tok-Cirrhatus-2784 br6591on.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tok-Cirrhatus-2784 smss.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Tok-Cirrhatus-[4 random digits] br[4 random digits]on.exe Dangerous. Remove.
TomcatStartup hpbpsttp.exe Unknown
TomcatStartup 2.5 hpbpsttp.exe Unknown
Tommorrow tomorrow.exe Unknown
TomTomHOME.exe TomTomHOME.exe Not Necessary

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