2014 articles

Top Tech Stories of 2014: Hardware, Tech Culture, Mobile, The Web, Microsoft, Google, Apple & More

As the year comes to a close it’s time to take a look back at some of the events that shaped the tech landscape in twenty-fourteen. There were some high profile buyouts, buzzwords, and a fair share of disruptions, controversies and security disasters with the likes of Apple, Google, Uber, Sony and the NSA -- among others -- as protagonists. This is a quick recount of the most relevant stories of 2014 across eleven major categories.

Facebook sums up 2014 in its annual Year in Review

The reflections keep flowing as Facebook has published its 2014 Year in Review. In it, the social network takes a moment to remember the challenges and triumphs of 2014 and celebrate the moments that connected us all.

20nm GPUs unlikely in 2014 due to TSMC issues

It's looking increasingly unlikely that either AMD or Nvidia will be able to release a new graphics card this year with a die manufactured using a 20nm process. Issues are aplenty at TSMC, the foundry that produces both AMD and…

Leaked Intel roadmap pegs Broadwell for 2H 2014

A leaked Intel roadmap has revealed the company's next line of processors, codenamed 'Broadwell', are scheduled for release in the second half of 2014. Broadwell is the 14 nm shrink of the current 'Haswell' fourth-generation Core processors, however according to…