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13 million plaintext passwords stolen from free webhost go public

An Australian security researcher was recently tipped off about a five-month-old security breach involving free webhosting company 000Webhost. The anonymous tipster claimed the attacker(s) got away with sensitive information belonging to 13 million site users.

300,000 routers hijacked, modified in malicious attack

Another malicious router attack has been uncovered by researchers, which so far has affected over 300,000 home and small-office routers from manufacturers including D-Link, TP-Link, Micronet and Tenda. Hackers have successfully compromised the routers in question and changed DNS server…

Massive DDoS attack on .cn domain brings down Chinese websites

China found itself on the receiving end of a massive denial-of-service attack this weekend that reportedly disrupted and slowed access to millions of websites, including major properties like, Sina’s social networking site Weibo and Bank of China. According to…

Wikileaks website targeted by hackers

Wikileaks found itself the victim of a cyberattack on Tuesday, shortly after the release of thousands of US State Department communications. News broke of the attack on their Twitter page, which offered another link to the communications, and a message…