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Best Buy to follow Circuit City's demise?

Best Buy to follow Circuit City's demise?

With former heavyweights like Circuit City out of the game, industry experts are questioning the future of remaining electronics superstores. Wall Street Journal reports that retailers like Best Buy have taken staggering losses as online rivals rise to dominance. Although…
Best Buy launches Buy Back Program

Best Buy launches Buy Back Program

Best Buy has launched a Buy Back Program for customers who want to stay current with their gear but who are concerned about obsolescence. The Buy Back Program means the retailer "buys back" your past purchases and gives you your…

Best Buy now buying used games in stores

Jumpstarting its second-hand game business, Best Buy has expanded its online trade-in program to nearly 600 stores with more locations coming soon. Beginning this Sunday, August 29, you'll be able to haul your pre-owned games to a participating store, waltz…