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Steam: Something Next-Gen Consoles Could Learn From The PC

The PS4, Xbox One and Wii U are all very different consoles, but there's one thing I wish all three had in common: their digital pricing. Something they could learn from the PC.

Steam gets a lot of credit for rejuvenating the PC gaming market, and there's one area it deserves more praise than anywhere else: its regular, highly-discounted sales.

ESRB intros streamlined ratings process for digitally distributed games

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) has expanded its rating system to address the rapid proliferation of digitally delivered games. As you're likely aware, the group traditionally rates games so parents can make informed purchases. Retail titles receive one of…

AMD chip owners to get 20% off GameFly's digital downloads

AMD and GameFly have announced a deal that promises discounted games for folks using AMD processors. Gamers with machines powered by "select" Athlon II, Phenom II, FX series and A series chips will receive a free 30-day GameFly membership as well as a 20% discount...

Amazon adds 3,000 Discovery Network videos to streaming catalog

Amazon has scored its largest content partnership to date with a new Discovery deal that expands the etailer's Prime Instant Video catalog by 3,000. The agreement covers videos from the Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, as well as…

The obscure and grim side of digital distribution

In many cases digital distribution services deserve praise - Steam being the prime example in my book - but it's also true that as content publishing moves to pure digital form, we are slowly getting forced into closed ecosystems, whether it makes sense or not, or when convenience comes at the cost of freedom.

Digital game purchases: do we really "own" them?

Gaming website Rock, Paper and Shotgun has published an interesting piece chronicling the ill-treatment received by one of its readers, a PC gamer by the name of Gimperial, from Valve.The gaming firm disabled his Steam account without citing an exact reason and thus…

Paradox: DRM is a waste of money, only pleases investors

DRM has been a major point of contention between publishers and gamers in recent years. The former argues that restrictions are needed to prevent piracy, while the latter says that's a load of baloney because DRM-laced software lands on filesharing sites anyway...