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Dropbox's Google Docs rival Paper gets full release

Dropbox may already be an immensely popular cloud storage vendor, but the company isn’t standing still when it comes to introducing new services. At a media event in San Francisco, California yesterday, it announced the official release of two products:…

RIP to two Dropbox apps: Mailbox and Carousel

Today Dropbox announced that they’re doing away with the Mailbox and Carousel apps. According to a company blog post, they acquired Mailbox in 2013 (a mobile email app) and Carousel (a photo sharing app) in 2014 with high hopes for…

Think Gmail, Dropbox in cahoots with the NSA? Here are some secure email and cloud storage alternatives

Users are increasingly turning to services that claim to be secure from the prying eyes of the NSA and law enforcement. In this article, we take a look at some of the privacy-focused email and cloud storage services that have either sprung up or gained popularity in the wake of what's popularly been referred to as the Summer of Snowden.