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Op-ed: Paying for digital privacy

One of the many unfortunate fallouts from the recent hacking scandals is the harsh realization that privacy in the age of the Internet is now essentially gone. Some may argue it was never there in the first place but regardless,…

Op-Ed: Whither Apple?

About a month back, I wrote a column called “Whither Windows 10,” where I pondered where Microsoft was going with their big new product. Little did I think that, less than a month later, I would feel compelled to write…

Ahead of Its Time: 9 Tech Products That Were Too Early to Market

Finding the good in a failed product can be difficult at the time but in hindsight, it’s those same products that often serve as precursors to existing technology. In this article, we will be profiling nine such ideas that were conceived and brought to market well before their time.

While some weren’t exactly failures, most were – and all are responsible for playing a role in current devices or services that make our lives more comfortable and enjoyable.

The next wave of computing is perceptual

If you can visualize controlling your computer merely by using your voice or a wave of your hand, rather than a mouse, a keyboard, or even a touchscreen, then you can see just the beginnings of what perceptual computing is capable of.

Genetically-engineered viruses may power devices of the future

Riding along a fine line between modern day technology and creepy science fiction, Department of Energy researchers unveiled a device which generates energy by harnessing the electro-mechanical properties of genetically-engineered viruses. The nanotechnology-based power generator leverages piezoelectric principles, an old concept…

Ultrabooks to help Acer turn the corner in 2012

Acer CEO J.T. Wang believes that ultrabooks will be the one product that returns the company to profitability. In an interview with Dow Jones Newswire, the chief said that customers will want a lighter and thinner notebook with longer battery…