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Infographic: The Internet 10 years later

Infographic: The Internet 10 years later

A staggering 33 percent of the world’s population now has access to the Internet, a substantial jump over the 9.1 percent that were connected in 2002. Furthermore, these net users are now online for an average of four hours per…
Interview with DuckDuckGo's Gabriel Weinberg

Interview with DuckDuckGo's Gabriel Weinberg

Many have tried to challenge Google’s dominance of the search market, but perhaps with the exception of Microsoft, which has poured billions into its search efforts, all have failed to gain any significant traction.

A relative newcomer to the search market, DuckDuckGo isn’t shying away from the monumental task. In fact, with a simple, straightforward interface and clean results they’ve come up with one of the most appealing Google alternatives to date. Even if they are still far from changing the status quo, their no nonsense approach to privacy and instant answers are worth taking note of.

Former MPAA CTO speaks out against laws like SOPA

Former MPAA CTO speaks out against laws like SOPA

Former Motion Picture Association’s Chief Technology Officer Paul Brigner has offered a level-headed rundown regarding the perils of using DNS as a means of Internet enforcement. Once controversial legislation, SOPA relied upon DNS-blocking techniques to essentially take down undesirable websites -- a…