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Microsoft at War: Keeping Score of Redmond's Success and Fail Stories

Microsoft sits on the edge of a product launch that is plainly among the most important in the company’s history. It comes at a time when the company’s traditional hardware partners are facing ferocious market pressure from the commoditization of their products, and of course, the juggernaut known as the iPad.

As can be expected, the company’s many cheerleaders and haters are out in full force. Pundits can and will pontificate on Windows 8’s chances. However, what might be more useful is looking at Microsoft’s other make or break moments. The upcoming launch is far from the first time that Redmond has fought with its back against a wall. A backward glance at these moments, and careful evaluation of them, may provide a better, ahem, window into the company’s chances this Winter.

New malware targets Linux and Mac OS X

New malware targets Linux and Mac OS X

A new piece of malware targeting Macs and Linux-based systems is causing a world of trouble for those in its path. Wirenet.1 is responsible for stealing passwords stored in browsers like Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and Opera. Furthermore, it’s able to…
EA launches two games on Ubuntu Software Center

EA launches two games on Ubuntu Software Center

In a rather unexpected move, Electronic Arts has added two web-based game titles to the Ubuntu Software Center of the popular Linux distribution, and although they're far from the newest games, Linux users will likely welcome Command and Conquer Tiberium…

Raspberry Pi: The TechSpot Review + How-To Setup Guide

Six years ago, Raspberry Pi set out to reignite programming in schools with a cheap, compact computing platform. Despite targeting students, his foundation's $35 computer captured the imaginations of tinkers worldwide, resulting in overwhelming demand.

Along with a hands-on review of the Pi, today we'll be covering basic steps for setting up the computer and other elemental post-installation tasks to get you up and running with applications. In other words, this should serve as a starting point no matter what you want to do with your Raspberry Pi.

Ubuntu releases 12.04 Precise Pangolin LTS Linux

Ubuntu releases 12.04 Precise Pangolin LTS Linux

Popular Linux distribution Ubuntu announced the immediate availability of their latest release yesterday, bringing with it Unity and its file searching tool HUD to enterprise users as part of the long-term support release which distribution backer Canonical will offer security…