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Dell to offer Ubuntu on Broadwell-powered XPS 13

Dell has been offering Ubuntu as an alternative to Windows on a handful of its systems over the past few years. No, they’re adding one more to the list: the recently released and highly praised Dell XPS 13 refresh. A…

Download of the Week: Tails OS

Tails received a lot of press a couple of weeks ago when it was disclosed that Edward Snowden was using it to avoid NSA snooping. This portable operating system's sole purpose is preserving your privacy and anonymity online by relying on the…

Tech Tip: Quick Guide to Running Linux From a USB Drive

There are a number of uses for running live Linux environments from a USB drive, from simply test driving Linux to troubleshooting a Windows PC, or working on the go securely from someone else’s computer. There are two options when it comes to running Linux from a USB drive: from within Windows using virtualization software such as VirtualBox, or creating a boot disk. This quick guide details both methods in a few easy steps.