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SanDisk Aims High With Extreme II SSD, Reviewed

The new SanDisk Extreme II features an in-house developed firmware which helps to set it apart from other SSDs using the same controller. Also of note, the second generation Extreme series has dumped the SandForce controller in favor of the new Marvell 88SS9187, the same controller used by the Crucial M500.

SanDisk is pricing the 240GB Extreme II competitively fetching around $230, right on target with the Vertex 450 and also in the neighborhood of the Samsung 840 Pro, which will remain a secondary focus throughout this review.

Micron touts industry's smallest 128Gb NAND flash chip

Micron Technology has announced what it claims is the industry's densest 128Gbit NAND flash memory device. With die area of only 146 square millimeters, the chip is made using a 20nm fabrication process and is based on triple-level-cell flash technology.

CMU wins $1.17 billion verdict against Marvell over HDD patents

Nine jurors have ordered Marvell to pay Carnegie Mellon University $1,169,140,271 in damages for infringing two hard drive patents. If the ruling sticks on appeal, it would claim more than a year's worth of profits at Marvell, which earned just over $900 million last year and...

Marvell unveils quad-core ARM chip for enterprises

Marvell has announced a new system-on-chip (SoC) product, the first ARM-based solution designed for servers: the Armada XP (Extreme Performance). Aimed at enterprises, it features four Marvell-designed ARM v7 MP cores operating at 1.60GHz. The Armada XP will be on…