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LastPass does more to protect against phishing attacks

Security researcher Sean Cassidy recently discovered a phishing attack against popular password manager LastPass. The incident drew the attention of LastPass which has implemented additional steps to help mitigate the risk.

Google adds phishing and malware data to Transparency Report

Google started the Safe Browsing program in 2006, which catalogs suspected malicious websites and warns people while browsing the web if they happen to come across a flagged site. Google is actively flagging up to 10,000 sites per day, and reports that through sharing this data with other browsers...

Guild Wars 2 players targeted in phishing attacks

Guild Wars 2 is suffering from phishing attacks by hackers believed to be in China who so far have compromised scores of user accounts since the game launched a couple of weeks ago. ArenaNet, the game's developer, insists its servers and web portals remain secure...