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Happy 4th of July: How to Take Amazing Photos of Fireworks

Fourth of July is here. Between the barbecues and good times spent with friends and family, you'll no doubt be bombarded with images of fireworks over the coming days, and truth be told, most of them will suck. But you don't have to be a pro photographer to snap some amazing pictures tonight, all you need is some basic equipment and a little know-how.

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Apple acquires one-man startup SnappyLabs

Apple acquires one-man startup SnappyLabs

Apple has acquired one-man photo startup SnappyLabs for an undisclosed sum. The app disappeared from the App Store late last month as did all content from the developer’s website which led some to realize something was up.
Steve Jobs wanted Lytro camera technology for iPhone

Steve Jobs wanted Lytro camera technology for iPhone

A new book titled “Inside Apple” discusses how former chief Steve Jobs wanted to reinvent photography on the iPhone in addition to television and textbook markets. Jobs reportedly met with Ren Neg, CEO of photography company Lytro in June 2011…
Trivia Tuesday: The beauty of high-speed cameras

Trivia Tuesday: The beauty of high-speed cameras

High-speed photography offers an amazing glimpse at what can be produced when you simply slow down the world. Natural motion, such as frogs jumping, can look captivatingly beautiful when shot at thousands of frames per second, and can make nature…