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Poll: TechSpot readers, would you pay $3-5 for a subscription to remove all ads and receive other benefits?

TechSpot readers, we want to gather your opinion about an optional subscription program, giving you a way to directly support the site while receiving some cool extras and recognition. Among the benefits: no ads anywhere, a special contributor badge, full-text RSS feed, access to our editorial calendar, among others. Please read through and vote in our poll.


WOF: Biggest tech failures of 2012

WOF: Biggest tech failures of 2012

When we asked this question a year ago most of you agreed that AMD’s FX brand relaunch, Sony’s PSN data breach, Netflix’s Qwikster spin-off, and HP’s handling of WebOS while almost quitting the PC market were among the worst tech…
Happy New Year & 2012's first tech poll

Happy New Year & 2012's first tech poll

Happy New Year everyone! This has been a great year in tech, though not necessarily the most exciting in the traditional sense of the PC industry that we've been watching for over a decade, 2011 has seen the biggest rise in mobile technology that is actually converging into that PC world...