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Prison Architect: A Must-See 2013 PC Game

Prison Architect is like 'SimPrison', if there ever was one, made by people who seem to be damn near fearless about making video games about uncomfortable topics. The game is from the indie studio Introversion, who have also made the saddest/best game about nuclear war.

Here's a brief interview with Introversion's own architects about their newest work. They served up some fascinating answers about the possibilities of a game about building and running a prison.

"Cam" movie pirate issued record 5-year prison sentence

Four members of prolific illegal file sharing group iMAGiNE have been ordered to serve prison terms after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit copyright infringement. The group's leader Jeramiah Perkins, 40, managed to receive the longest sentence ever handed to a…

Research reveals prisons at risk from cyber attacks

Federal authorities are concerned after research has revealed that U.S. prisons are vulnerable to computer hackers, who could even be able to remotely open cell doors to aid jailbreaks. In a statement to the Washington Times, spokesman Chris Burke said the…