Symantec articles

Symantec claims anti-virus is "dead"

One of the major players in the digital security business, Symantec, has publicly stated that anti-virus software is "dead", due to the fact its protection methods are often ineffective against today's advanced malware attacks.

Microsoft and Symantec kill Bamital search hijacking botnet

In partnership with Symantec, Microsoft has disrupted yet another botnet, marking its sixth takedown in the three years since starting Project MARS (Microsoft Active Response for Security). Called "Bamital," the malware network has evolved into several variations since Symantec began…

Symantec offered hacker $50,000 for stolen source code

Anonymous released email exchanges between a member and Symantec yesterday, revealing that the security firm offered them $50,000 in exchange for destroying the source code of pcAnywhere and Norton Antivirus tools, believed to have been obtained by hackers after breaking…

China, not India, may be behind government espionage

A series of memos leaked earlier this month implicated the Indian government in possible espionage against the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC). Reuters reports that new information stemming from a U.S. investigation suggests Chinese hackers may actually be…