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Apple Pay has launched in the United Kingdom today

Apple Pay has finally launched in the United Kingdom today, after the company announced at WWDC earlier this year that the mobile, contactless payment service would arrive sometime in July.

UK unveils plan to block online porn by default

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed a plan that will effectively block all online pornography from being accessed in the nation, with the government attempting to crack down on the "corroding" influence of adult content on children. Under the…

Kickstarter to launch in the the UK this autumn

Kickstarter has been around for roughly four years in the US, gaining momentum and helping to fund endeavors ranging from indie films and music to video games and food-related projects. The service is now preparing to expand to let international…

Google gains legal right to use Gmail brand in Germany

Google happily announced on its blog today that will now become in Germany. This marks the first time in several years that will be the default option for German users. Google had switched to following a…