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tesla elon musk layoffs

Tesla still faces resource shortages and unhappy workers months after Musk's return-to-office mandate

Facepalm: Three months after Elon Musk blasted remote working and demanded Tesla workers get back in the office, the EV giant is reportedly still struggling with a lack of room and resources to accommodate them all. It's contributed to a fall in morale, leading the company to start monitoring employees' attendance.
tesla battery robotaxi

Tesla's per-car production cost down to $36,000, cheaper model and robotaxi still on the roadmap

If only the prices could drop, too
In a nutshell: Tesla's per-vehicle manufacturing costs dropped to less than half in the past five years, thanks in part to more efficient factories and improved vehicle design. The company also reiterated plans for an entry-level EV and robotaxis launching in the distant future.