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Car Tech

Transportation is now a tech-driven industry. Exploring automotive technology, from electric vehicles and self-driving tech to infotainment systems shaping the future of mobility.

lincoln nautilus

Lincoln's latest luxury SUV includes a 48-inch 4K digital dashboard

In context: Ford is the latest company to adopt the growing trend of using extra-large dashboard screens for digitized driver interfaces. Despite growing concerns that too much technology distracts drivers, the automaker insists it is taking a careful approach that prioritizes efficiency and customization without diverting drivers' attention from the road.
tesla model range electric cars elon musk

Tesla introduces more realistic range estimates for Model Y, S, and X vehicles

Your mileage may vary
What just happened? If there's one thing electric vehicle companies are known for, it's exaggerating the official ranges of their EVs. This is something that Tesla has been accused of doing on several occasions – and Musk's company is believed to be the worst offender of the bunch – this may explain why the automaker recently lowered the range estimates for several models in the US.
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