Car Tech

Car Tech

Transportation is now a tech-driven industry. Exploring automotive technology, from electric vehicles and self-driving tech to infotainment systems shaping the future of mobility.

azure-powered gm openai microsoft azure ai voice assistant digital assistant

GM plans to develop an Azure-powered in-car AI assistant

Chatbot could provide instructional information and schedule car appointments
Forward-looking: The ability to receive assistance from a talking car has been a popular fantasy since Knight Rider aired on TV. Modern artificial intelligence models like OpenAI might bring car manufacturers and tech companies closer than ever to that dream.
battery-swapping evs taiwan battery electric cars

Swappable batteries in EVs aren't feasible, but a big breakthrough could change the game

The case against swappable batteries in full-size EVs
The big picture: We've said it before and we'll say it again: by hook or by crook, automakers are on track to phase out gas-powered vehicles and replace them with all-electric models. Arguments abound over whether or not enough raw materials exist to back the transition or if the charging infrastructure can be built in time to support some states' deadlines for zero-emission vehicle sales. One possible solution to help mitigate the charging conundrum would be swappable batteries but willing it into reality would be a very tall order.
steve wozniak apple

Steve Wozniak slams "dishonest" Elon Musk and Tesla, says they robbed him and his family

The Woz sees similarities between Musk and Steve Jobs
What just happened? People's opinion of Elon Musk tends to be split between those who love him and those who hate the billionaire. It appears that Steve Wozniak is closer to the latter camp. The Apple co-founder said Musk and Tesla "robbed" his family of money over false claims about the EV company's self-driving technology. "A lot of honesty disappears when you look at Elon Musk and Tesla," said Wozniak.
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