CPU Fan stuck at a constant 5700 RPM

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Jan 15, 2006
  1. I replaced a fried motherboard and got an ASUS P4 V 800. The ASUS Probe shows the temp on the CPU at a cool 28-32 and motherboard is 30-32. My chasis fan seems to change RPM and is somewhere around 1200 rpm but the CPU fan is stuck at an annoyingly loud 5700 rpm.

    This is the third motherboard (I got two defective motherboards) from :unch: ASUS and I'd rather not get stuck with another RMA, everything else seems to be fine with this mobo.

    Do you think its the board or the fan? The fan came with the CPU, a P4 2.6GHz. But I changed the case and the chasis fan recently too, the new power supply is a 350 W Antec.
  2. pretendo

    pretendo TS Rookie

    i think its the mobo
  3. Rossi

    Rossi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Actually this morning the probe did see a slight dip when I booted up, at about 5200, down 500.. but it later increased to 5700 and now its around there... with a +/- 50 rpm

    Well I certainly hope it isn't the board again... it'd be a third board replacement! :hotouch:
  4. DragonFury

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    does that board have the cool and quiet feature ? y not just put the fan on a speed controller and adjust it that way or get a quieter fan .
  5. Rossi

    Rossi TS Rookie Topic Starter

  6. iNoob

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    I had that exact same problem, but i doubt the reason for your problem is the same as mine. I have a Tt Venus 12 Cpu fan and when i was installing it (this was the first computer i built by the way) i made the stupid mistake of putting the temperature probe between the CPU and the heatsink when it was suppose to be on the heatsink only. I didn't read the instructions and i paid for it by (most probably) breaking my temperature probe. I didn't take the probe back out as i didn't want to buy more thermal paste (yes it came with very little) and have to clean the whole mess up. The probe is made of a highly thermal conductive material tho, so no prob. When letting the motherboard control my CPU fan speed, it will ALWAYS be at the maximum 5625rpm. Luckily, the Venus 12 comes with a fancy manual fan controller, and i love using that.
  7. Rossi

    Rossi TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thats a bummer, good that you had a separate controler.. this is my first one too, never built one before...

    as for the probes.. I didn't have to physically do anything with the temp probes, aren't they already on the motherboard? I didn't get any separate probes that I could place myself..
  8. iNoob

    iNoob TS Rookie Posts: 68

    The Venus 12 comes with a separate probe. I think that if I use the probe that came with it, the motherboard will use that probe to determine the CPU speed instead of the one built into the motherboard. I think this because the CPU temp that i get from BIOS or NVMonitor is like 26-40C (depending on ambient temp and load, usually 30C) and there is no way that that should require 5625rpm. I don't know why the MB would use the one that comes with the CPU fan instead of its own to determine fan speed tho....weird... :confused:
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