Microsoft's Surface Laptop 3 is reportedly coming with AMD processors in a new 15-inch...


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Microsoft began sending out invitations to its annual Surface event last month and as with any other highly anticipated product launch, there's now more information around what we can expect this year as the date draws close.

The first of it has to do with how Microsoft will refresh its laptop lineup with the addition of a new 15-inch variant for its refreshed Surface Laptop 2 that has only had a 13.5-inch display up-till now. Also, in line with our previous report of Microsoft experimenting with AMD silicon, it looks like the company has decided to debut it on the upcoming Surface Laptop 3.

As WinFuture reports, this bigger model will be running AMD APUs instead of the usual Intel silicon with up to three AMD SKUs encountered as of yet, allowing Microsoft to join OEMs like HP and Lenovo in offering both Intel and AMD chips in their laptop line-up.

While the AMD chips couldn't be identified from the retailer's database, Microsoft is expected to use either the Ryzen 3000H or U series depending upon how thin and light it plans to go with the bigger 15-inch Surface Laptop 3.

Other uncertainties around this development are whether Intel chips will also be an option on the new laptop variant and if other hardware, such as the expected refreshes of the Surface Pro 6, Surface Book 2, Surface Go or Surface Studio 2, also feature AMD silicon, all of which have always used Intel inside.

Besides the usual incremental update of its Surface devices, Microsoft is also expected to reveal its entry into the true wireless earbuds market. And while that looks like another AirPods alternative, the company might also have its "One more thing..." announcement at the event with its dual-screen 'Centaurus,' a device that was given an internal employees' hands-on earlier this year and can reportedly run Android apps as well.

With the Surface event happening in New York just over two weeks from now, we don't have to wait long to see what Microsoft has in store for us.

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I wonder if the Surface Pro will finally have a USB-C port? I've recently been setting up Surface Pro 6's and Surface Go's and it's kinda embarrassing that I can plug the Go into our Dell Monitor's over USB-C and it happily outputs to the display, and it daisy chains to another display. Plus it charges and allows use of the USB ports on the monitor. While the Pro 6 you have to buy a £50 Surface Connect to USB-C adapter and it doesn't daisy chain and the adapter itself is huge! It's like twice the thickness of the device.


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I have a Zenbook with an R5 3500u in it, it’s slightly less snappier than my previous laptops i5 8250. However the gaming performance is considerably stronger, it’s still awful but way less awful! It means there are a lot more basic and old games available on the go.

Last year I briefly used a Lenovo laptop with a 2500u in it, the performance is around the same but the battery life on the 2500u machine was horrific, it seems that the 3xxx series has drastically improved this.

I’d recommend it, the extra gaming performance makes up for the slight lack of snappiness and I find these machines can often be had cheaper than their Intel counterparts.