Netflix launches online store to sell apparel and products tied to its shows and brand

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In brief: Netflix is getting into e-commerce. The world’s largest streaming provider has launched, an online store where shoppers can purchase apparel and lifestyle products tied to the company’s shows and brand. It may seem out of left field, but Netflix’s expansion into e-commerce might not be a bad idea.

The streaming giant in its most recent quarter saw subscriber growth slow following explosive growth last year during the pandemic. There’s also a lot more competition to contend with, as services like Disney+, HBO Max and Paramount+ are taking root.

Really, Netflix would be foolish not to try its hand at online retail. The company has lots of popular IP that it could further monetize including Stranger Things, The Witcher and BoJack Horseman, just to name a few.

Curiously enough, Netflix is taking it slow. Josh Simon, who runs Netflix’s consumer products division, described the store as a “boutique” that’ll initially only feature products tied to a handful of shows like Yasuke and Eden. Products based on the French crime show Lupin will be featured on the site later this month, Simon added. will first be available in the US before expanding into other countries around the world in the coming months, we're told.

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Smart AF... I'm sure almost everyone has a favorite movie/TV show from Netflix, and you're likely to want to own something from that.


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Will Netflix pay wearers of their themed material for the advertising Netflix will get from this?