Referenced Memory Error

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Try booting into Safe Mode. There look at what's in the Startup subfolder in your Start Menu and remove anything suspicious from it. Also, run msconfig32.exe and go to the Startup tab and do the same there.

By "suspicious" I mean anything that you have just installed - if you can remember, anything shortly before the problem started - and that you don't really need.

Also, if you don't have it, get the free Codestuff Starter utility and install and run it. In addition to the above it shows you everything that gets started from the Registry. You can disable anything suspicious from within Codestuff Starter. I think Codestuff Starter will run in Safe Mode but I'm not sure.

Finally, if you have Spybot turn on the option to run TeaTimer there. It notifies you when anything tries to change these and, I think, other critical areas of the Registry - and gives you the option to allow or deny it.

You appear to have some kind of malware that is getting itself started at boot up and is probably trying to access the Internet - to which you are probably not yet connected - and thus giving you this problem.



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read memory error fix on XP

To fix this error which happens after SP2 update you need to delete each user and re add them back in. Its something to do with the desktop links or the system tray . Any way this seems to work ok


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ive tried to boot up in safe mode and what happens is about 20 file addresses appear on the screen then the system reboots.


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Oops! That doesn't sound like a malware problem.

Those file addresses are device drivers the OS is loading. There should be many more than 20. One of the essential device drivers may have been corrupted.

Also, other essential OS software could have been corrupted. So could the MBR (Master Boot Record) on your boot hard drive - but if you are seeing any device drivers load I doubt this is the cause.

Try booting from the Windows XP CD and go into the Recovery Console and do a Windows Repair.

You might also have had a non-catastrophic head crash on your hard drive. But I think Windows Repair should be able to cope with it and work around it. But if you do recover, you would be wise to first run chkdsk with the fixerror option. Open a Command Prompt window in Windows and type in chkdsk /? there.

I don't think the problem is due to SP2. I had no problems when I applied SP2. Anyway, to do what mnewton suggests you have to first get into Windows i.e. complete the boot up process - which you aren't able to do at all.

PS: I once had a problem where my PC kept on rebooting before completing the boot up process. I don't remember getting any error messages and I don't remember whether I tried Safe Mode or not. The cause turned out to be a head crash which had screwed up the MBR. I was able to go into the Recovery Console and run FIXMBR. If you do get into it type in FIXMBR /?.


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Hi Gunny,

I don't know whch post that you are referring for your previous post. If it is for the following passage

the numbers are 0x77f5234c and 0x0070803c. I'm not able to get onto my desktop and I have deadlines to meet. Anyone have any ideas? I'm dying over here and microsoft support sucks.

I'm afraid that it is not quite accurate as all the windows device drivers are loaded above 2GB (ie 0x80000000 to 0xffffffff) . If the device drivers cannot access memory either to hardware or software. Windows will crash with blue screen with bugcheck code 0A, 50, 8E, D1 and etc. Hence I'm very sure that the failing for the above message is not related to device drivers. I agree it is a software error at application software but not at system software.

check the application event log. Maybe you can find some clue to diagnostic the problem.


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ok, i did what you said gunny and i never got into windows. now as soon as it says windows is done loading it immediatly restarts. ive tried in safe mode, and the same problem still occurs. i even reinstalled windows and during installation it couldnt find a file, so it contined and finished installation. it didnt fix the problem at all.


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Hi Re-Animate,

Two Suggestion
1. Check application event log and look for red alert entry which is related to your abend. Search google to look for solution
2. Install windows debgger such as Viscual ++ debugger. When the application fails, the C++ debugger will be triggered automatically. However you must have basic C++ debugging conceptin order to determine the root cause.


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ide love to do that but i cant get into windows to do any of that. im just going to take it into a comuter service place and have professionals look at it....


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CPC2004, my last several posts were addressing Re-anmiate's problem.

Re-animate, I'm stumped!!! The fact that you could reinstall Windows tells me that your hardware and your BIOS Settings are OK. About the only thing that I can now think of is the file it couldn't find during installation. Did you install from a genuine Windows XP CD? And are talking about Win XP Home or Win XP Pro? Anyway, what was the file it couldn't find?

Speculating, you may have some new hardware on your system that Windows does not recognize during installation and therefore could not find a (driver?) file for. That might account for this behavior.

Also, you said that you did a reinstall. But you did not say whether you went into the Recovery Console (not Installation) while booting from the Win XP CD. If you can get into that you will be able to see the root directory of your C: drive. If you can see it from there but cannot complete booting normally then it is your MBR that is somehow still the problem. Booting from the Windows XP CD bypasses the MBR on your C: drive but still uses the Windows installed on your C: drive. And, going into the Recovery Console leaves your C: drive unchanged.

Finally, when you reinstalled, did you completely reformat your C: drive?

If you:

1) Did the installation from a genuine Windows XP CD,
2) You reformatted your C: drive
3) The missing file was not a critical one
4) You do not have some very new piece of hardware
5) The installation completed successfully

then you should not be having any problems.


You are quite obviously more knowledgeable about where the device drivers are loaded and what kind of BSOD they produce during operation. But to get to the point where they produce these errors Re-animate has to first do a successful boot up.

When you boot into Safe Mode no application software of any kind is even loaded let alone executed. So it cannot be application software that is causing this.

Increasingly, my hunch is that Re-animate has replaced a device with one that is brand new on the market and for which there is no device driver on the Win XP CD - and it "complained" about it during installation. That is probably why it is failing to load during boot up both in Normal Mode and in Safe Mode - and even reinstallation could not cure the problem.

BTW, Re-animate - are you a he or a she? Or, would a generic "he" do to refer to you?


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My own prob

Yo dudes.
I am having the same error come up, although it seems to be effecting my computer in a slightly different way. Every time I try to open some AVI movies, I get the (The instruction at "0x1d24151d" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".) message and WinAmp or Windows media player or whatever shuts down and won't play the movie. Here's the thing though - not ALL AVI's are effected in this manner, just most of them. I got the error message while playing a computer game also, but on that occasion my sound wasn't working and the error numbers were different. Please someone come up with a solution to this madness and send me an email. Thanks.


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ok, gunny, i am a he. i was going to take the computer into a shop, but being a freelance journalist, i have not enough funds.

now, concerning the computer... it is indeed a genuine XP home disk. i have not installed any recent computer hardware and the installation completed succesfully. im not sure abot the missisg file being critical, but ill look into it, and i have not re-formatted. thiers alot of important files on that thing, and i dont wanna lose them.

so, im still in a rut. im going to try a couple of things on the computer that might be it, but ill get back to everyone.


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A possible solution - worked for me

Hey fellas,
It seems this problem has been going on for quite some time, and although I have had this problem for a while, I finally got fed up with it and decided to try to fix it.

I constantly get the error message when viewing a directory containing many multimedia files (notably videos).

Solution [that which worked for me]:
Ended task "wisptis.exe" from process list - it's the "Windows Ink Services Platform Tablet Input Subsystem" file. Obviously, deleting this file may prevent certain functionality depending on what you're running.

When you get the error message again, end the above task, and see if it fixes the issue. Post back the results, and if this IS the problem, we can then go from there.

Hope it helps others as it did me.


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ok well I have had this problem shoot up recently on both of my PC's.
I have read all of this post.

first let me state my occurances and then I will move onto deductions and what other ppl have sed.

I get the same memory cannot be read error when closing IE alot, the address is the same for the IE.exe error which is 0x1001a584.

I also get this with other apps as well, ie adobe, svchost, paint shop pro.

now moving onto other ppls responses listed above.
ive ran scannow, msconfig, and my MBR is fine.
I have had this system running fine prior to SP2. on both of my machines these read errors only occured after SP2.
I have stuck ram stick(1 512 samsung origianl DDR333) in all 3 diff slots with no luck.
if it was a ram/mobo issue, i think the problems would be more Prevelent. this error occurs about 2 times a week.
I have alot of services turned off in the background. this has been the case ever since I installed OS 2 years ogo. these errors just started in the last few months.

Since this seems to affect win2k systems, I think its more software than hardware.
lots of ppl on this thread had replaced all hardware with no luck in fixing.

my system specs
AMD 2600 @ 1.9Ghz 333FSB barton core
Shuttle AK39N
512MB 333Mhz samsung original
WinXP pro SP2
40GB Maxtor
160GB Western digital
52X optorite CD burner
12X optorite DVD burner
Zip 250
SB live
ATI 9600 128 8X
550W PS

Other ppl here have had this prob with many apps as I have.
other suggestions point to not enuff ram. My system is running pretty lean and I get the errors to, i dont think this is the cause.
I have went to manually setting the VM and no luck.
I dont have a sharing issue cause im the only account on this PC.

I am stumped by this as well. I removed all IE addons like google for example and still same errors.

my problem seems to occur only when closing applications.
hopefully this thread will find an answer for us all.


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Squirrel: Have you cleared your pagefile?

Disable the pagefile, reboot, then re-enable it. Might be corruption within the pagefile.


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I just disabled/reboot and re enabled the page file to what I had it set before.

thanks for the suggestion ill let everyone know.
Im pretty sure I did this earlier and it had no luck(i cant remember).


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Help Me Please!

Hey everyone, I need some help.

I have been running WinXP (SP2) for a while now and constantly have problems, but recently, I've been having HUGE problems. Let me bring u all up to date before I ask for help.

For about a week or so my pc has been "crashing" by this I mean if I leave it on the Welcome screen and walk away for a few hours the montior shuts down (the orange light comes on) and no matter what I do it won't come back UNLESS i reboot.

Sometimes when I'm actually using my pc the screen with blink off and come back on with a lot of vertical lines on the screen and freeze whatever program is running.

Tonight though I got a whole new issue. when i boot, the windows xp screen comes up, but then blinks before it gets to the welcome screen and come back on to reveal a black screen with a white mouse on the middle just hanging out. I can move the mouse, but it's useless b/.c there's nothing to movei t to. After about 10 mins this error message appears:

The Instruction at "0x75978dc1" referenced memory at "0x00000000" the memory could not be "read"

It also says: Click on OK to terminate or Cancel to debug

AND: "log onto windows: winlogon.exe - application error"

ANY IDEAS? I can't access my pc @ home, i have to go to the neighbours, but any help you could offer would be great!

You could e-mail me suggestions or post here.



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found the solution to the memory problem

Try this gang.
I removed all of my spyware (spyguard and spyblaster) and
the problem disappeared. Now I only use spybot scanner once in a while.


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Hi everyone,

I am really in need of your help. I have got this error quite some times: Application Error-"The instruction at "0x004058e1" referenced memory at "0x015dfd18". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program. Click on CANCEL to debug the program."

This error occurs frequently while I run a test software midway. Could you possibly suggest me some solutions? And how could I trace out the addresses "0x004058e1" and "0x015dfd18" ?

Thank you.


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Possible answer

I had the same memory reference error @ "x" -memory cannot be read etc. as everyone else has documented .

We can now add windows server 2003 to the list of affected OS's..

The only recent major change i made was a corrupt installation of blackice firewall(tough to remove for me at least)-may have affected some system files.

My hunch after reviewing the posts here ,is that the issue
may involve graphical rendering -this would explain the
ie crashes ,the avi problems and the game problems .
This also coincides with the fact that the error popped up when I was using java apps ,firefox browser,or screensavers .

One way to test this theory might be for those severely afflicted with the problem, to boot up in safe mode and try to run the problem apps-if the apps run-then that definitely points to drivers or files that affect drivers-in my opinion.

I found that reverting to stock catalyst drivers for the ati card seems to have resolved the issue -at least for now

I was using the omega drivers for playing Counterstrike source-

However since this problem seems to affect ATI and Nvidia ,as well as AMD and Intel systems ,I wonder if the issue may be a bug in directx 9.0 c?

For those that want to be guinea pigs -here is some info
before you risk it:

hope this helps -


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could this be the answer

Hi all, like everyone else here I had the same memory error problem when closing certain applications. I've tried everything here but to no avail. I then started to close down some processes in the task manager. I hit the jackpot when I closed matrox.powerdesk.pdesknet.exe. It’s the desktop manager for my parhelia graphics card. Hey presto, no more errors. I didn’t see how that could cause all my problems (by the way I was having probs installing loads of apps with install shield hanging etc) so I dug a little deeper. It seems it was Microsoft .net framework that was causing the problem and not SP2 like I had thought. I removed .net framework and now I have no more problems installing either. The only reason I stuck in on my pc was because matrox needed it to work its application. The end result is: I removed matrox desktop manager (which was managed my .net) to fix the memory error problems, I removed .net framwork to fix install shield problems. I hope this has helped a few of you out there


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mnewton said:
To fix this error which happens after SP2 update you need to delete each user and re add them back in. Its something to do with the desktop links or the system tray . Any way this seems to work ok
I have verified mnewton's solution, by logging out and then logging in as a different user with a new profile solved my problem.


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Hello all. Have been reading over this thread and thought I would pop in with my problem :haha: I am getting "The instruction at "0x7c159fa0" refrenced memory at "0x0000c0ac". The memory could not me "read" When tryen to open up Atis tv wonder pro to watch some tv. Last night is when it started. First it happend when playen a 3d game just randomly it happend but only twice and I can now play that game fine. Then it did it when tryen to open up winamp so I reinstalled the latest version of winamp now thats fine. Now its doing it with my tv. I have reinstalled the drivers I have tried all those mentioned on this post including changing memory sticks around and all that. Currently I am running sfc /scannow to see if that helps hopefully it will. But yeah anyone can help of course its appreciated

Oh yeah my comp specs..bout forgot about putten em on here.
Athlon 1700+
nvidia gforce 5 ti4600
Machspeed viper v266b rev. 3.0 mother board
2 sticks 128megs each kingston pc2100 ram
audigy gamer sound card
maxtor 40gig 7200rpm hd
Windows xp Pro SP1

one more thing. Does anyone else have Microsoft installed by any chance?


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Fixed my "Referenced Memory Error"

:hotbounce I started having the referenced memory error only on a new weg page I was developing. The page had several links to pdf documents. Everything worked fine until the client asked if I could open the docement in a new window. This is simple so I made the change and a new window opened with the pdf document displayed. When I closed the window, I got the error. The is a very repeatable condition. For kicks, I replaced the pdf document with the MS Word file and did not have the referenced memory error problem.

My fix -
"Originally Posted by Sub-Conscious
i found a way to fix it on my machine!!!

it had been bugging me for months, every time i closed IE i used to 2 of those error boxes in a row, but the simple solution was to go into internet options, advanced, and uncheck the box called "enable third party browser extensions". now the error has disappeared. i dont know if that will work when other programs cause the error, but if its just IE, try that."

I unchecked the box for "enable third party browser extensions" like suggested above and the problem is gone. This can be found under TOOLS => INTERNET OPTIONS => ADVANCED in the brousing subsection.

My "guess" is that the problems described in the thread are caused by or related to BHO (Browser Help Objects). A good and scary description can be found at
Turning off "enable third party extensions" disables the BHO's.

Go to for a free program call BHO Demon that will show you which BHO's are installed and allow you to kill them.

Good Lock...


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Well ive read all the posts and tried just about everything.

-i cleaned the startup folder
-i installed Codestuff starter and took out everything i dont need
-i ran the sfc /scannow *about quarter of the way into the scannow i see a bsod for a fraction of a sec and the machine reboots...
-i installed the latest drivers for everything...

I get "0x012a17c0" referenced memory at "0x012a17c0" error when i try to play cs:source

Also getting more memory referencing errors when closing ie,firefox, and sundry other apps

I get BSOD's in game randomly it seems :(

check my profile for computer specs.

I just built this machine this week fresh xp pro sp2 install with all the critical updates.
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