Rocksteady hints upcoming Suicide Squad game reveal at DC virtual event

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In a nutshell: Rocksteady confirmed work on its next game in the DC universe. Early rumors pegged it as a Superman title. More recently, it was reported it's a Suicide Squad game. Today the studio confirmed it to be the latter.

Rocksteady, the development studio behind 2015's Batman: Arkham Knight, posted a tweet today, hinting that it is set to reveal its next project. The picture attached to the tweet shows Superman with a Suicide Squad crosshair logo pointed at his head, indicating it will be a game based on the supervillain team. Rocksteady did not reveal any other details except that a full reveal is likely coming on August 22 during the DC FanDome virtual conference.

The last game out of the studio was 2016's Arkham VR, a decent VR title and DC's first venture on the platform. After that, the developer went quiet on future work, but in 2018, job listings indicated it was working on it's next AAA game. Speculation at the time was that it would be a title starring the Man of Steel.

Earlier this year, Forbes reported that the developer's next game would be based on Suicide Squad. Domain name registrations seem to confirm this was the case. Today's tweet officially affirms this notion with the blatantly obvious hashtag "suicidesquadgame," which incidentally is one of the registered domain names.

The game is sure to be something of a departure from Rocksteady's previous DC titles, which have exclusively starred The Dark Knight. A Suicide Squad squad-based title would be intriguing, but at this point, there is no telling what type of game it will be. We'll have to wait a couple of weeks to find out.

It will also be interesting to see if the new game is intended for the next-generation consoles. We've seen a lot of studios gearing up for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. More content will only serve to help hype the launch of both systems.

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Never thought Harley made sense as a comic book character. Even by the early 90's things were a bit less zany in DC's pages than in the Batman cartoon. The idea of her having her own gang is even sillier. She can't control them through force because she's no tougher than the average hardened thug (and then only because of her Joker-ization). She can't control them through money because half the time she's broke. Harley just doesn't make sense outside of animation except maybe as a gunslinger. Yeah, I know, I know..its all fantasy and Batman himself isn't really viable in this day and age. But still.
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Who recalls the movie "13 Going on 30" The look I see in this game was rejected for what people en masse can relate to. Who wants that chick in their bed?


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So the movie bombs hard and they decide "great! let's invest more money into this franchise and make another movie and a video game!"