Eliminate Printer Sharing, File Sharing and Wireless Networking Hassles

Home networking is hard, no doubt about it. But Network Magic makes it easy to do all the things you want to with the computers and devices in your home. Things like sharing printers and files across all your computers, monitoring Internet use, and repairing broken Internet connections. No more emailing files to yourself just to print them out, no more wondering about where your kids are surfing on the Internet, no more waiting around for "the repair guy" to fix your wireless Internet.

With Network Magic you can...

* Print from any computer in your home
* Share files between all your home computers – even Macs & PCs
* Monitor Internet use and Web sites visited for any computer in your home
* Pinpoint & repair Internet connection problems
* View a live map of your network
* Protect your wireless network from intruders† Learn more.