iAlertU uses the built in accelerometer and other sensors to trigger an alarm and the iSight camera to capture an image of the thief. iAlertU can be configured to email details of the alarm event to a specific email address. In addition to this you can tell iAlertU to execute an Applescript when the alarm goes off. Some people use this to generate SMS alerts. With v0.71, the developers of iAlertU added a new interface that can be used by an external, authenticated application to control iAlertU, request photo's, and other information captured by iAlertU.

What's New:

- Corrected an issue whereby it was possible for a fresh installation of iAlertU to enable arming from the menu without having set an arm/disarm password. Now, if no password has been set, and you attempt to enable the arm menu item, you will be required to enter a password. This should prevent people from arming iAlertU without some way to disarm it.

- Bug fix that corrected more...