PongWars 2.0 for Mac OS X

PongWars essentially merges the game of "Pong" with the sci-fi classic "Star Wars" into one grotesquely twisted abonination.


Quick Facts

Older Mac OS
1.4 MB
5 /5 from 1 votes
PongWars has highly optimized genetic algorithm for computer AI.

It features 640x480 graphics and animation, multiple channels of paddle-blasting sci-fi sound, an in-game MOD music soundtrack, and great 1 or 2 player action promising many hours of nostalgic revery for any 1970's geek,


Customizable gameplay settings
Anachronistic 8-bit 640x480 graphics
Nerdy Star Wars themed MOD music
Deftly incorporated audio samples from certain copyrighted works
Highly optimized genetic algorithm for computer AI.