The DVDs you grab from amazon and the information you enter yourself . It allows the storage of single DVDs and boxes into one listing. With dynamic lists you can build lists to meet your needs. Need a nice cartoon to amuse your visits children? Access every cartoon by a click on a dynamic list . Share your DVDs with others — using a Mac — by exchanging export files.

Once your DVDs are in DVD Sphere, you can use them in many funny and exciting ways.

Your DVDs are never more than a mouse click away when you're looking for the perfect movie to watch.

Assign ratings to your DVDs. Use On-the-Fly dynamic lists. Create your own user defined lists. DVD Sphere keeps track of whatever a DVD is lend out and to who. Not wanting to miss an upcoming DVD or just want to wait for a better price, DVD Sphere allows the storage of not owned DVDs on the wish list.

DVD Sphere conforms to the Mac OSX interface and makes excessive usage of drag and drop, and browsing facilities like an action button and window splitter.

Want to take advantage of the simplicity of DVD Sphere to archive your growing DVD library? Download the fully functional demo that is only limited in the number of records you can store. Try it for free, and buy a license if your convinced!


· isplays one line per movie or Box in the database.
· The color of the dot in the first column informs about the state, green = Movie, blue = Box, red = Lend out.
· Columns, order and width is user defined. Select from over 30 available columns.
· Holds exhaustive information like the title, the original title, the genre, the video format, the screen format, the playing time, the German FSK System, the American Mpaa rating, the production year, the story, the region code, the Media type, the upc, the asin code, the price, the manufacturer, the actors, the directors, the producers, the editors, and the extra features.
· Extensive drag & drop support for fast data entry. To add people to a record, you simply drag them from the list in the drawer to the actor, director, producer, or editor field. You can add as many people to the list as you want, and they will be available in every new record. To localize a specific person in the list, simply type the first letter, and the list shrinks to all persons beginning with this letter. Languages and Sound formats are dragged exactly the same way as people. Drag and Drop is one of the key technologies of DVD Sphere.
· Dynamic lists for multiple selection criteria. A simple click, select a value, and your list will update.
· The user lists function allows a search with a rules system similar to mail rules.
· Like all our products, DVD Sphere can check online if an update is available.
· Print a multitude of listings or cards to reflect your database on paper.
· Build for OSX 10.3 (Panther)
· Store cover and back cover.
· Rate your DVDs from 0-10.
· Lend out management. Know always if a Movie is lend out and to who to reclaim it.
· Rating system for picture-, sound-, render- and overall-quality.
· Up to 16 languages with sound format and up to 32 captions.
· Add your own marks to Movies with chapter or time line, type and the description of the mark.
· Info pane that displays a small cover picture and the main data of the DVD.
· As fast as the selection in the list changes the info drawer is updated. This allows very fast browsing through the main data without opening them.
· Search function that searches the entire database for matches as fast as you type. You may setup the search function by checking or unchecking different boxes, or by selecting a value from the pop-up menu. The found matches are displayed in a list informing you on the title of the record and the field type containing the search criteria. A click on a matching line automatically selects the record in the main list, and if the info drawer is open it will also be updated.
· Parse amazon function. A click on the 'Get Data' button and a new record will be created. This function downloads the cover, the title and several other informations from amazon. (user has to agree to amazon conditions)
· Build in backup function.
· Build in support.
· Exports your DVD collection to a complete web site and integrates links to your existing homepage.
· Imports from binary files and old databases. Exports to text or binary files.
· Version 2.x features a completely new, faster and stable database.
· Fully enabled free trial version, only limited in the number of records.
· DVD Sphere costs only 15$. Buy a license, either online from inside the application or over web and use it unlimited in less than 3 minutes.

What's New:

· Updated amazon 'Access Key ID' information
· Fixed a bug with the lend out management crashing
· Fixed another rare 'Out of bounds exception'.