Start with 85 real-time AVX plug-ins included with the package. Reactor lends powerful compositing features to every effect: blend modes, apply to title, high-resolution external graphic files and built-in geometry controls.

Discover how to modify existing effects or create new ones using Factory Floor. Unleash the power of Core Image and Quartz Composer in your own AVX plug-in without writing a single line of code.

Expand your collection of AVX plug-ins with effects created by a growing community of talented artists. Let your effect-shopping instincts go wild!


· Avid Xpress Pro, Xpress DV or Media Composer Adrenaline
· Mac OS X v10.4.2 or later
· Macintosh computer with PowerPC G4 or G5 processor
· 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
· Quartz Extreme-compatible videocard (128MB VRAM recommended).

What's New:

· The first version of Factory Tools that supports and requires Avid Media Composer version 3.0 (or later) on Mac OS X Leopard