Bytessence InstallMaker (BIM for short) is a free setup file creator for the Windows ® Platform. It is lightweight, easy to use and yet filled with rich features. You can use it to generate .exe files that will carry your files in a compressed form and also do various jobs to ensure a perfect installation of your product.


* Good looking, easy to use interface
* Multilingual (all the components, the installers and uninstallers)
* Smart and easy project management with straight-forward function tabs
* Small deployment stub (less than 100 KB including uninstaller)
* Absolutely no scripting required
* ZIP algorithm integration for speed and good compression ratio
* Smart checking for requirements (.NET Framework, Operating System version)
* Tons of installation jobs (Run programs or commands, registry modification, shortcut and internet link creation, file and folder management, extension associations, Windows service management, component registration and HTTP download)
* Automated uninstaller (it can carry jobs too)
* Customizable installer user interface, custom splash screens and icon and colours
* Optional Standard text and Rich text support for License and Readme files
* Computer restart capability for installer/uninstaller
* Easy to extend with tools (WebGet downloader included)
* Works on all major Windows® versions, NT, 98, ME, 2K, XP, Vista
* Free e-mail support

What's New:

* Included the German translation in the package
* Only a single instance of the help file is allowed, if the old help file is minimized, it will be restored in order to save space on the taskbar
* The current language is selected so you don't have to select it manually each time you open the Settings dialog
* Fixed a small bug in the stub, in the StartMenu section
* Fixed a bug that was making BIM not to write the path to images if they were not loaded correctly
* Improved a bit the documentation
* Fixed some untranslated labels
* Added font installation action
* BIM can run without administrator priviledges under Win 2000, XP and Vista