Windows 8 UX Pack 9.1

Windows 8 UX Pack offer some of Windows' 8 UI improvements.


Quick Facts

Security Notice: We've detected that Windows 8 UX Pack's installer might attempt to bundle third-party software. We suggest to proceed with caution and select the "Custom" installation option to identify any potential unwanted software.
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Such as theme and logon screen without touching system files at all so it won't have such risk to harm your system at all. In this package, you'll have Windows 8 inspired themes and applications to make your system resembles Windows 8 as much as possible without modifying system files.


  • Instantly dress up Windows 7 to upcoming Windows 8 in one minute
  • Seemless installation and uninstallation giving user's confidence and security in system
  • Easily configurable in single click with intelligence Metro UI design
  • UxStyle memory patching
  • Windows 8 Aero, Aero Lite or Metro theme
  • Instant M3 and Metro wallpaper/logon screen customization
  • UserTile with current user autoconfigured on login
  • Metro UI desktop emulation with preconfigured gadgets
  • Aero's autocolorization feature
  • This version comes with updated Windows 8 build 7989 and Metro inspired UI themes so you can choose which one is your favourite. I also updated new official M3 wallpaper and add more stunning Windows 8 features like Metro UI Desktop emulation (Mosaic) and Aero autocolorization (Aura). Windows 8 is getting real close to Beta now so this could probably be the last release before merging into main Seven Transformation Pack to be different product. I'll also update Seven Transformation Pack soon before moving on to new platform too.