Anti Tracks Free Edition 9.0.1

Anti Tracks is your complete solution for protecting your privacy, sensitive data, online identity and maintaining the integrity of your computer.

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Just about everything you do on your computer can be tracked. That's because every time you visit a website, view an online video, or open or create files using any type of application on your computer, traces of data get stored on your hard drive. Even when you clear your browser history, delete files, and empty your recycle bin, those traces of data remain.

While this is your computer's way of making it easy for you to revisit websites or restore data that you accidentally deleted, those traces of data can serve as an open book to anyone who gains access to your computer. Accumulating enough of this hidden data, can also dramatically slow down your computer and compromise its performance over time-that is unless you have Anti Tracks Free Edition.

With Anti Tracks FREE Edition installed on your computer, you can permanently erase ALL web browser, Windows, and third-party application usage history, including the revealing tracks of hidden data, without any chance of recovery even with today's most sophisticated computer recovery tools.

Browsers Tracks Erasing
No matter which Internet browser you use...Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, AOL, Netscape, Mozilla, or Opera...Anti Tracks' Browsers Tracks Erasing feature safely and securely erases your browser history without leaving a single track of evidence behind.

Windows Usage Tracks Erasing
Windows keeps track of every file you view, download, open, or create. With Anti Tracks' Windows Usage Tracks Erasing feature, you can securely erase all your Windows usage history and tracks, including but not limited to your recent documents history, network cache, Windows registry streams, searches, and much more.

Disk Wiping
Traces of data from all of those files you deleted and emptied from your recycle bin are still on your computer, just waiting to be recovered. Anti Tracks' Disk Wiper scans your hard drive(s) for previously deleted files and folders, then securely erases them with no chance of restoration, even by users with the most sophisticated file recovery tools!

Panic Key
We all have times when we don't want others in the room to see what we're working on or looking at on our computer. Anti Tracks Panic Key allows you to hide anything you're watching, typing, reading or listening to in an instant. With the push of a user-defined hotkey, you can make any file you have open disappear from your screen, including any evidence of the program you're using. While secretly hidden in the background, all of your data is safely preserved.

Secure Erasing
Many of today's government data sanitization standards require that a deleted file stay deleted forever. With Anti Tracks' Secure Erasing feature, you can delete files from your hard drive to the same data sanitization standards as the U.S. Department of Defense's DoD 5220.22-M, Peter Gutmann's, Russian GOST R 50739-95 and NSA. This way you can rest assured that when you delete a file using Anti Tracks, it's gone forever!

Each time you use an application on your computer, including programs like WinZip, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, and BitTorrent, usage tracks get left behind. Anti Tracks' Third-Party Application Plugins feature protects your privacy by erasing your third-party application usage tracks. With 100+ FREE preconfigured plugins, you can trust Anti Tracks to erase your revealing third-party usage history securely and permanently.

Command Line
If you're a Windows-savvy user who prefers to use "batch files" to process your important recurring tasks, you'll appreciate Anti Tracks' Command Line feature. This advanced-user feature saves you time and effort by allowing you to erase your tracks without the need to interact with Anti Tracks interface.

File and Folder Hiding
Hide important files, documents, and other sensitive data in any picture "steganographically". With Anti Tracks File and Folder Hiding feature You can easily hide any file inside a photo of your dog, cat or any photo of your choice. To anyone else that looks at the photo, all they'll see is your adorable pooch...they'll never suspect there's anything hidden inside!

Stealth Mode
When you want to ensure no one knows you're erasing your tracks on your computer, Anti Tracks' Stealth Mode has your back. When activated, Anti Tracks runs silently in the background, allowing you to erase your tracks without anyone knowing what you're doing.

Quick-Start Wizard
If you're worried you don't have enough knowledge or experience with computers to know how to use Anti Tracks without accidently erasing important files, you can set your worries aside with Anti Tracks' Quick-Start Wizard. This helpful and easy-to-use tool walks you through Anti Tracks main features so that you can erase your tracks and protect your privacy safely and securely in a few simple steps.

Cookies Management
Cookies are very convenient in terms of quick access to your online bank account, social network (Facebook, MySpace, etc.), or that quick weather forecast on your desktop. But there are some cookies you don't want stored on your computer. With Anti Tracks' Cookies Manager, you can choose which cookies you want and erase the ones you don't easily and quickly.

Windows Startup Management
Many of today's computers come with pre-installed software that you will never use. Many of these applications are set up to load into your system every time Windows starts up, slowing down your computer. With Anti Tracks' Startup Manager, you can identify unnecessary applications on both old and new computers and eliminate them so that you can streamline your Windows startup and speed up your system.

Applications Uninstaller
When you uninstall a program, you want to know all of its files are removed, without a trace of data left behind. With Anti Tracks Applications Uninstaller, you can view and search all of the programs installed on your computer. This makes it easy to decide which programs you want to keep and which ones you want completely uninstalled.

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