This program is very comfortable to use. E.g., you could use a one-click button to stop and repeat every next passage, or switch the film dubbed in a different language, or use subtitles in two languages - your native and the language you learn. No restriction as to the choice of YouTube clips or movies – the point is to have subtitles in a language you want.

Understanding spoken language is extremely important in language learning. It is the key to both successful communication and good grades on language exams. Furthermore, ‘Listening’ is one of the major components of all widely-recognized tests of English language (such as IELTS, TOEFL, ESL, EFL) that are necessary for entering colleges and universities and obtaining work permits or immigration status in English-speaking countries. Listening comprehension is also important in most official exams for other languages (DSH, DaF – for German, DELF/ DALF, TEF– French, DELE – Spanish, CILS, – Italian, HSK – Chinese, JLPT – Japanese).

Lingual Media Player is not a part of a specific language program and can be used as an aid with any language course or software (for example, Rosetta Stone) or as an independent learning tool. With LaMP, you can learn any language from Arabic to Zulu. The only necessary condition is having quality subtitles for the movie or the YouTube video you would like to watch.

The main principle behind successful language learning with Lingual Media Player is watching videos with subtitles in the language of the video. For example, if you are learning English, the subtitles have to be in English as well. Learning Spanish will require Spanish subtitles, if you are learning German they have to be in German, etc. At the same time, it may be advisable to use additional (secondary) subtitles in your language especially if you are just starting to learn that language. For example, if you are learning French and are watching a video in French, use French as the language of the main subtitles and select your language for the secondary subtitles.

What's New:

  • The LaMP remembers the recent video and subtitles
  • Control of the player and subtitles list using the mouse scroll wheel
  • Improved the behavior of the mouse cursor in full screen mode