The comDebug program lets you communicate with almost any RS232, RS422,
RS485 or Modbus serial device. What's more, it's free! Its extensive
trouble-shooting capabilities make it ideal for solving comms problems, or
for quickly checking that you can communicate with your instrument before
starting to automatically acquire data.
# No programming required
# Free technical support for life
# Easy to use
# Understands ASCII or binary data
# For serial instruments that continually send data and those that need
# Quickly identify and correct communication errors
# Insert cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs)
# Send ASCII values, 16-bit 2s complement integers, unsigned integers,
single bits of data, etc, to instruments
# Control the state of the PC's serial port output lines
# See the state of the serial port input lines
# Send acknowledgements
# Save settings in a file
# Full hypertext Help
# For Windows 95 and later