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LogMeOnce 5.0

Log Me Once presents you the best online password manager with two factor authentication that adds a second second layer protection to your device. Learn what's new on this latest version. Click here if the download does not begin automatically.

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  • LogMeOnce is available for multiple platforms (Windows/macOS/Android).
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Goodbye, Passwords. You don’t need to use or remember passwords anymore.
  • For PasswordLess access, click on PhotoLogin icon on your computer. We will snap a photo and send it to your mobile device. If you have multiple iPhone, iPad, Android devices, no worries. If you wish, you can enroll or un-enroll all of your devices. Choose device of the day, and send “today’s” authorizations to that device! Or change every hour, or every other login attempt. You have choices.
  • Upon receiving a secure photo on your mobile device, you get to “Reject” or tap on “Yes, It’s me!”.
  • Access is then granted to your desktop. Enjoy PasswordLess access with PhotoLogin.

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