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Play Your PS4 Games on PlayStation TV

Stream a wide range of PS4 games from the PS4 system to your PlayStation TV via Remote Play over a local Wi-Fi or wired connection.

PlayStation Now Ready

Available later this year, PlayStation Now will give access to an expanding library of PS3 games to stream directly to PlayStation TV.

Parental Controls

This feature provides the flexibility to manage console use by time and day, gameplay by ESRB rating, and block in-store purchases.

What's New:

  • This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.
  • A maximum of 4 people can now be logged in at the same time to use remote play on the PS TV system.
  • You can now adjust the video quality for remote play on the PS TV system according to your network environment. Select (PS4 Link) > [Start] > (Options) > [Settings] > [Video Quality for Remote Play]. If remote play is not working properly, you can try selecting [Standard] to help improve the quality.
  • Added [Theme & Background]. You can download themes from (PS Store) to change the icons and backgrounds displayed on the home screen.
  • You can now see how rare a trophy is. Select (PSNSM) and select the title.
  • You can now add other players besides your Friends when you create events.
  • You can now save events received through (Messages) and (E-mail). Select the (calendar file) inside the message to view the event, then select (Options) > [Add to Calendar] to save the event to your calendar.
  • References to the product name on VTE-1000 series system screens have been changed to [PlayStationTV] or [PS TV].
  • You can now adjust the volume level of your PS TV system. Press and hold the PS button, and then select [Master Volume] on the screen that is displayed.
  • You can now close all windows at once. Select (Window) > (Options) > [Close All Windows] > [OK].
  • The display speed of Web pages has been improved.
  • Support for HTML5 and JavaScript has been enhanced.
  • LiveArea can now display up to 6 events scheduled today or later.
  • You can now set the color of the days in the calendar. Select (Options) > [Settings] > [Day Color] on the calendar screen.
  • The operation guarantee for the Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation® has terminated for Mac OS X Leopard and Microsoft Windows XP. For details about the operating environment for the Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation.
  • [Noumea] was added to [Date & Time] > [Time Zone].
  • Support for Daylight Savings Time was added for Wellington (New Zealand).
  • Several languages were added to [Devices] > [External Keyboard] > [Type]. Languages other than Japanese and English can be typed from a Bluetooth keyboard connected to a PS Vita system or PS TV system.
  • You can now use four wireless controllers simultaneously with a PS TV system.
  • Some games have a set number of controllers that can be used simultaneously to play.
  • Up to two players can now play simultaneously on the (PS4 Link) remote play.

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